Como Park Lutheran Church

St. Paul, MN

Several projects were done at Como Park Lutheran over the span of 15 years.  The first project provided accessibility for the disabled on all five of the major levels of the building.  The project expanded the narthex in a way that allowed the narthex to be the link between the classroom building and the sanctuary entrance.  Before the project, worshipers had to navigate a tunnel/hallway below the sanctuary to get from the classroom building to the sanctuary entrance.  For this concept to work the balcony stairs had to be removed and rebuilt on the far side of the narthex.

The second major project involved reconfiguring and redecorating classroom areas, installing accessible restrooms on two levels, a complete renovation of the kitchen and remodeling of the fellowship hall.  Windows were replaced on the classroom building with low-e, insulated glass and a new roof was installed on the sanctuary building.

The last project involved remodeling of the chapel which included design of a table, lectern, and cross.  A tapered maple panel was installed to cover an exposed column and also used to bring light from an existing skylight above.

CPLC - Exterior 1