Philosophy of Busch Architects, Inc.

FirstLight TLC int3Transformation:  A complete change into something that is improved in appearance or usefulness.

Agents of Change:  Busch Architects is in the business of inspiring and nurturing people by transforming the spaces and buildings they inhabit.  Whether it’s new space or old space, a building environment can be transformed by transcending our misconceptions, exploring new options, and thinking anew.

Architecture that is nurturing and inspiring is open and inviting to all people, providing for comfort and durability, safety  and openness, function and art, with cooling, heating, ventilation, artificial and natural lighting that enhance the experience and are appropriate to the spaces they serve.

Each client has a unique story and the space or building they inhabit should help them tell their story.  In designing structures for people, you have to “step into the shoes” of the individuals that will use the building. Components of a well-designed building include an imaginative exterior that creates interest and intrigue – an invitation to come inside. The entrance should be welcoming and provide circulation space that is clear and easy to navigate. Spaces within the building should be appropriately designed to meet the needs of the variety of individuals and groups using them. A well-designed building should anticipate the needs of users and be flexible enough to accommodate change over time.

The design process begins with an active and intimate knowledge of similar buildings and spaces. The architect must listen to the hopes and dreams of the client and ask questions about specific needs and functions. Clear two-way communication builds the foundation for the dialogue between building designer and building users. The final design is an artistic collaboration between architect and the people who will use the space.

The professionals at Busch Architects would enjoy helping you define and create a vision for your building dreams. We invite you to explore our website and contact us for more information.

Transcend:  To go beyond a limit or range of thought or belief.  To transform one must first transcend current thinking.