Advent Lutheran Church

Maple Grove, MN

Worshipers at Advent Lutheran went from worshiping in a low-light, no-windows room into a space filled with natural light, views, and light colors.  The volume of the new space and the floor, wall, and ceiling treatments were carefully designed for great music acoustics.  Adjacent to the worship space is a new atrium space which features a set of clerestory windows making even the center of this space light-filled and pleasant to be in.  As the gathering space leads into the existing building, floor to ceiling windows invite you to look into the landscaped courtyard complete with a sculpted fountain.

Rounding out the addition to the existing buildings were new restrooms and a library space.  Master plans include converting the old sanctuary into a multi-purpose space, kitchen, and youth facility.  Also planned is a final classroom expansion that would extend from the existing building to the new main entrance providing a loop-type circulation pathway as well as the final program spaces they will need in the future.

Advent - Exterior 2